EyePet release date divulgada!!!

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Hi everyone! We have been talking about EyePet for quite some time now, and I’m happy to let everyone know that we now have a US release date for all you pet lovers who are anxious to get their hands-on EyePet. Just in time for the holidays, EyePet will be available in stores across North America beginning on November 17 for $39.99. For those of you who don’t have a PlayStation Eye, we will be offering a special bundle for $59.99, which will include EyePet and the PS Eye.

If you aren’t familiar with EyePet, it’s basically all the fun of owning a pet without the mess! Featuring next generation augmented reality, EyePet delivers an interactive lifelike, virtual pet right into your own living room using the PS Eye. He will respond and relate to movements in your own world. Pet him, and he will purr. Tickle him and he will laugh. Roll a ball to him and he will chase it. You get the point.

EyePet Screen 1

EyePet is also customizable, letting you modify fur length, color and pattern, as well as the ability to outfit your pet with more than 250 unique collectible items. Using the included “Magic Card,” owners can also bring drawings and objects to life by simply sketching things like an airplane or car, and make them your pet’s own three-dimensional toy.

EyePet Screen 2

Describing it is one thing. Seeing it is another. Please check out the video featuring Developer Nic Doucet giving a demonstration as to how EyePet works.

We’ll have more to come on EyePet between now and November. So make sure to check back with us here on the PSBlog.

Traduzindo (e resumindo) : Olá a todos, hoje nós estamos felizes de falar que o EyePet será lançado em 17 de Novembro. Por $39,90 a versão sem a camera PlayStation Eye, e $59,90 a versão com a camera PlayStation Eye. Se você não ouviu falar (não se familiarizou) com o EyePet, ele é uma especie de Tomagochi, completamente interativo, em HD . EyePet é um jeito de ter um animal de estimação sem nenhum aborrecimento, de ter que comprar comida, limpar o coco, dar banho e essas coisas (isso tudo você pode fazer pelo proprio jogo, sem sujar as suas mãos ou torrar o seu dinheiro).

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